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<3 cats. calm music. rainy days. reading. sleep. fashion. coquette aes. cyberpunk. anything that is minimalistic. making carrds.</3 school. hws. politics. misogyny. cliffhangers. loud noises. crowds (whether small or big ones). heavy ass gore. my brother ig/hj.byf heavy cursing and uses all caps. It takes me 3 business days to reply/sarc I just don't reply right away unless it's very urg. I go ia without notice. I'm quite sarcastic (its my humor) but ik my limits. my accs are not spoiler free. not in any subtwt. pls lmk if you want me to use tone indicators when chatting ^^dni fits basic dni criteria. you're -13/21+ (unless I know you irl or a trusted friend of mine). supports asian hate or fetishizes asians. asiaboo. proshipper. thinks that being rude/mean is a funny personality. uses fonts. invalidates prns. toxic & disrespectful. problematic in general.notes if you ever encounter some of the carrds I've made, pls know that majority of the info is false/fake. no, I'm not impersonating anyone, its a persona I've created. I'm not entirely comfy with displaying my info all across pinterest & other socmed platforms. i hope u understand :>others please consider using my referral code maize to receive 30% off your crd pro upgrade or renewal, I'd appreciate it a lot and it won't cost u anything!

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